Wedding Story (Khistij and Richa)


Richa & I both hail from Uttar Pradesh, but from the different places in the state. I am an urbanite from Lucknow, whereas she is from Kanpur, a big industrial town that is also a well-known tourist destination. Our parents and close relatives were responding to the suitable profiles advertised in local newspapers. That is how they met with each other. My wife-to-be (Richa) was then working as a Software Engineer in TCS.

Both parents exchanged photographs for us for having an initial glimpse. Richa had a beautiful smile, & I liked her picture. however, her face was quite familiar to me. I recalled having met her few years back, but couldn’t remember when or where.

After exchanging our pictures, it’s a custom for the boy & his parents to visit girl’s home. During this visit, couple get talking to each other in secluded. If they like each other, their parents proceed it with the marriage.

That visit was pleasant surprise for both of us. I met her before and at that time she was a thin, beautiful and a bubbly teenager. I reminded Richa of our earlier meeting few years back & she immediately opened-up to me. It was love somewhere between us from that time but we confessed it later during our meeting.

We got engaged and the date of our wedding had fixed. We arranged Shaadiwale Online as our wedding planner. From the event of engagement to the night of wedding, it was great fun, awesome management and perfect presentation. Shaadiwale Online had done a great job and made our wedding memorable.


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